Small steps that make a big difference

Emergency Response Team

Trained to fight all industrial disorders, including fire, chemical leaks, explosions, etc., our ERT is proficient in rescue operations, emergency situations and industrial mishaps. It has successfully managed several emergencies like toxic gas leakages, chemical spills, fire disasters and chemical explosions at Vapi, Ankleshwar and far-flung areas, which could have potentially turned into catastrophes.

The Gorai Dumpyard, Mumbai

As a part of our ongoing commitment towards safeguarding the environment and providing better living standards of for the society at large, we at UPL undertook the task of turning a garbage dump yard at Gorai, on the outskirts of Mumbai into a green park. This new green park has transformed the lives of thousands of people residing the western suburbs of Mumbai and has helped the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) earn a sizeable sum of Rs. 73 crore through carbon credits. This well-handled, scientific closure has now set the standard for other municipalities across the country.