Engage with the community to understand needs and priorities. Engagement helps in discovering the strengths and resources already present in the community. Laying the foundation of an active partnership between our CSR team and the community, it facilitates identification of priorities to be addressed and involves the community as partners and not just recipients of dole or charity.


Evolve key community needs by assisting in the identification of prioritized needs from its wish list and select appropriate responses based on the community’s strength to address the same. There is a need to respond to prioritized and evolved community needs by doing the right things, however unprecedented this may be at UPL. The engagement in doing pioneering things has helped in creating an environment of partnership and ownership that has extended beyond established CSR roles.


Enable the community (individuals and groups) through skilling that empowers them to transform their life and surroundings. Our objective is to stimulate and encourage activities that develop and empower the community. Since community strengthening and poverty eradication are interrelated, and the ambient community environment (socio-economic-politico environment) influences empowerment, these factors are observed, analyzed and acted upon.


Enrich people through our CSR initiatives. Our focused engagement, supported by evolved community needs and executed through the process of enabling communities, are directed at helping people lead better lives. We address issues that matter most to communities, leading by example to continuously improve our CSR process.


Evaluate our initiatives by continuously monitoring and learning from experiences, improvising service delivery, planning systematically, optimizing resource allocation and demonstrating results.

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Thematic focus areas

Agriculture Development

Dang Paddy Development Project

The Dang Paddy Development project objectives comprise improvement in the quantity and quality of paddy output through a demonstration and availability of high-yield paddy seeds; improvement in farmer capacity through village-level training and exposure visits.

  • - In 2014-15, training cum exposure visits were arranged for farmers at UPL Khedut Niyojaniy Kendra at Vikram Farm, Naholi. On-farm demonstrations of high-yield seeds were held for groups of 15-20 farmers. In 2014-15, villages of Dang district benefitted, 32 field-level training programmes were organized for farmers, meetings were conducted,
  • - Inputs were supplied to 100 farmers, and 24 training cum exposure visits were arranged for 480 farmers at Khedut Niyojaniy Kendra at Vikram farm (Naholi).
  • - Average paddy production increased 34%, average labor costs declined 22%, and average seed costs declined 30.5%.

Employability and Entrepreneurship

UPL Niyojaniy Kendra

The UPL Niyojaniy Kendra was established under the S. R. Shroff Aajivika Trust to provide school dropouts and underprivileged youth with livelihood opportunities. Entrepreneurship development is supported through entrepreneurship training, development of small enterprises, strengthening of existing clusters/sectors, and support services.

In 2014-15, comprehensive skills like welding, fitting etc. were imparted for specific industries. Mobilisation drives were conducted through the Vadodara, Vapi, Makarpura and Savli centres. Theoretical and practical training for welding, fitting, electrical executions and other industrial competencies was imparted at the campus; certificates were distributed to candidates following training. In 2014-15, more than 390 candidates were placed in various industries. The Vadodara center mobilized corporate support in subsidizing skill education for urban underprivileged youth.

Education and Empowerment

Gyan Dham Trust & S R Shroff Ajivika Trust

Vapi evolved from a sleepy village of the Seventies to the largest concentration of medium and small-scale industries in Asia, And yet, the location lacked quality tertiary education for long, limiting opportunities for the youth.

Gyan Dham Trust and S. R. Shroff Ajivika Trust, the two trusts of UPL Limited, transformed the landscape of educational services in the town.

Gyan Dham Trust has been managing the Gyan Dham School since 1972, providing world-class quality education.

Sandra Shroff ROFEL College Of Nursing, GIDC Rajju Shroff ROFEL Institute of Management Studies (GRIMS) and Shroff S. R. Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology (SRICT) provide world-class education and employment opportunities in Vapi and Ankleshwar.

Environment and Nature conservation

UPL Vasudha Project

We are determined to make a positive environment difference through enhanced conservation awareness and sustainable initiatives.

The UPL Vasudha Project empowers students to explore environment concepts and actions beyond the curriculum. The diverse initiatives under this project comprise the following:

Eco Club Project

Eco Clubs formed under the UPL Vasudha Project enhance awareness among school students about nature and ecological aspects.

In Phase 1, students from 20 schools were encouraged to embark on meaningful environmental activities and projects. The Eco Clubs provided students with a platform to influence parents and neighborhood communities in sound environmental behavior. Some 1705 students participated across 11 villages; 4560 saplings were planted.

Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness drives are periodically organized. Volunteers cleaned the Pavagadh temple area and surrounding areas at Monchi. Used water bottles, plastics, pouches, papers etc. were responsibly disposed.

Tree Guards

The UPL Vasudha Project protected 175 plants with tree guards in Bharuch.

Health and Sanitation

National Burns Centre

The National Burns Center is a unique project to extend research, training and the latest in burns care technology to India. The intervention was adapted to India’s rural socio-economic profile, characterized by low incomes, unsanitary domestic environment and low infection resistance.

Mrs. Sandra R. Shroff, Vice Chairman of UPL, has been President of Burns Association of India for almost a decade. The Association provides information on burns prevention and treatment.

The National Burns Centre (NBC) at Airoli, near Mumbai is a 50-bed public charitable hospital, the only hospital of its kind in Navi Mumbai.

National / Local Area Need

UPL Response for Floods @ Orissa

Response to relief from floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities is our CSR engagement focus. We invest extensively to provide supplies, rebuild infrastructure and rehabilitate the affected. We also assist in slum development, neighborhood improvement, safety promotion and other initiatives.

Cyclone Phailin left 44 people dead, affecting more than 12 million across 18,250 Odisha villages. More than 500,000 hectares of agricultural land and 200,000 houses were destroyed. Our CSR team provided monetary compensation for rebuilding houses across Odisha.

Agriculture Development

Employability and Entrepreneurship

Education and Empowerment

Environment and Nature conservation

Health and Sanitation

National / Local Area Need